Engage in commerce to create opportunities based on capital, not on debt.
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Administration plays an important part in the process towards achieving goals.
If we are not willing to use and work with the Protocols, our wishes will not be open for consideration. Granted these Protocols are not always simple. For this reason it is important, for example, to save all documents correctly and to give ALL information to Sound Prosperity.

It is important that you save ALL documents you send to Sound Prosperity in the following manner:

Last name-First name-type of Document (for example passport). As an example, when you send us an email with "img12113" or "payment" or "Transfer 07-04-2018" or Application SP" WE have to rename the document "Smith-John-Application SP".

When you do not add a SPURT number in the Emails to SPURT, at the top, it means that SPURT has to find the Number, and that can be complicated, since SPURT has ONLY numbered accounts.

When you send an Email with an Email Address such as: info@constructing.cm and no name or a nickname, we cannot find you. Write your correct first name and surname under the Email please. Emails with comcast.net cannot be accepted, for they block all emails.
When you write: John cannot do this or that, we have no clue which John is writing to us.
Your Sponsor might know your nickname, but SP or SPURT do not.

All correspondence to Admin through SP.

How can I make a PDF?

Application form for Sound Prosperity Membership.