Engage in commerce to create opportunities based on capital, not on debt.

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We recommand you to see this film called "Prosperity".

Please also see the good information with video's about money in MySPURT.org

A must read article from Prof. Antal Fekete

What is a dollar?

World Economic Forum 2015 in Davos Switzerland about Digital Currency.

The truth is out: money is just an IOW and the banks are rolling in it.

Money creation in the modern ecomomy 

Money creation in the modern economy as video  5.07

Money in the Modern Economy: An Introduction  4.52 min.

Los Angeles Times: Gov. Brown signs bills legalizing Bitcoins use, other legislation

Sandy Pierrre:  Bitcoin Embraced by New Hampshire Candidates:  See that at the end of the document, 6 candidates accept Bitcoin (digital currency) as contribution for their campaign!

Why did they do that? Because the California government signed a law that digital currency is legal tender.

This also means that the Digital Currency SPURT is legal tender too.