Engage in commerce to create opportunities based on capital, not on debt.
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Sound Prosperity logo:
The source from which everything flows, with a never-ending, and extending wave.
Sound means:  showing good judgment, able to be trusted, healthy, solid, wholesome, strong.
Prosperity:  a state of being successful with money, benevolence, the condition of prospering; the quality of being warmhearted, considerate, humane and sympathetic.

Sound Prosperity is a Social Organization, working with the digital currency SPURT Barter, and the Cryptocurrency SPURT+

If you are willing to learn how to work with Sound Prosperity to let your community flourish, we will support you to do so, for we want all of you to have a house, a car, health-care (SELF-care) and education.
We want you to be debt-free. (One Time.)
‘The borrower is a slave to the lender.’

We want to reach out to you so you can experience Prosperity in a Sound way.

Sound Prosperity is the social part of SPURT. SPURT is the purse to set up businesses!

It is meant to be used to do commerce and grow your business.
SPURT can be used as an intern Barter system.

How do you earn SPURT to have this good life we want you to have?

You show Sound Prosperity that you support your community and earn SPURT doing so and/or also earn the currency of choice as a business owner.

What do we mean by support your community?

  • ANY business uplifting for humanity is a reason for Sound Prosperity consider a transfer from SPURT (used to Barter) to SPURT+Crypto.
  • Businesses can be small, one person, or working in a team. But the meaning is that you can earn something, which means you earn currency of your choice.  (See example 1, below.)
  • Voluntary work.
  • NGO’s (Non-Government Organizations.)
  • Support your Church or any Club.

How can we support you this way?

We are combining people who want to do business through "commerce," to create opportunities.
Engaging in ‘commerce’ (the act of buying and selling, on a small and large scale) is the ONLY way to make this world financially healthy again. Each project, each dream can become true through commerce. You will learn to move in a new direction, learning things you did not know before. Things you never thought you would be able to do.


A big part of our work is educating people on starting to think in a positive way about what YOU can do to change your life. We want our members to take responsibility for their lives. We want you to learn how to start "businesses" in your community. Businesses can be anything from a small one person business with the work you LOVE to do, or a factory producing Humanity+ products.


When your community is strong, you will feel strong. When you support others, you will be supported by others. Businesses are all kinds of ways to earn money.
SPURT clients offered funds to support new Sound Prosperity members and SPURT clients to start their way to a new life. You will need to learn new things, e.g., about Cryptocurrencies, but also how to start a business of your own, or with a team.
But, if the only reason for you to have a SPURT account is to exchange it into Crypto, you will NOT profit. Why not?
Because when SPURT is staying in the system you can much easier use it and in that way save it for your greater goals, like a house.
You need to understand that SPURT is there to support your community to prosper! Your community can be your church, your city, your club, your NGO, etc.
If you can start paying your suppliers with SPURT as a barter system, your life is better.
See the programs we are working with, based on the opportunities through SPURT. We can find a suitable solution for you.
Sound Prosperity Rules
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