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I offer a Job

You can offer a Job to anyone willing to take the job.

  1. You can offer the job to unpaid caretakers. They will be paid now. They might take care of elderly, sick, disabled people family members.
  2. People who are, in the eyes of this world, too "old" to find a job, or are disabled. They might live in an area where all jobs are gone.
  3. You might reward your partner or daughter for the fact that they stay at home to take care of the children. Perhaps they are home schoolers. We also see that as a job.

Restriction: You will have to work at least 10 hours a week, which should be signed of by someone capable of wittnessing that you are indeed doing this.

You can also offer a Job to people who see this as their partial or main Job.

The JOB is:

  1. Find people who want to open a MySPURT account
  2. Find people who would want to find others who are looking for a JOB
  3. Find people interested in doing business with SPURT.
Initial  Deposit for opening a MySPURT account * In SPURT on your account Friend's Deal EUR Friend's Deal SPU
170.00 EUR (Including the account. If you already have an account you can pay 120.00 EUR.) 2000 SPU per month for one year. 40.00 EUR on your PayPal account 5000 SPU
*for Europe, USA, Canada, Australia, other countries can negotiate.

Payment through PayPal to info@myspurt. org
Payment in Europe
Restrictions: EXTRA
You refer at least four persons per month to open an account. You CAN renew this Job-offer each year for €120.00. You cannot subscribe more than ONE time per person. Additionally to the value you receive in the "I offer a Job program", you can ALSO participate in the Business offered in MySPURT yourself.

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