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Payment Options


You pay directly to the Bank of New Chances in Switzerland.
If you do it correct, it will not cost you more than a transfer to any other European country.

You use a SEPA transfer.
Please take care. you need to provide this information:
  • SWIFT Code /Bic
  • IBAN
  • Transfer only in EURO
  • NO extra information added for your bank.
  • Put fee on: Shared Fees (Shared, SHA) (which it is normally)
So from now on you can transfer directly to New Chances.
Are you not sure if your country is included in SEPA, please check this link.
BANK NAME: Credit Suisse
BANK ADDRESS: Z├╝rich, Switzerland
ACCOUNT NAME: New Chances,
Address: Davos, Switzerland
IBAN CODE: CH03 0483 5097 4576 5200 0 (= EURO account)

We are waiting for instructions on other options. PayPal is closed.