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The Widow's Jar

What does the Widow's jar mean? 

"The Widow's jar" is a program for all NGO's, especialy for smaller NGO's.

Problems NGO's are facing

It is known that many NGO's don't have money. A big part of their working time is consumed by raising funds. Wasted time, for the heart of the staff is not directed towards raising money, but to working with the people.

What would change if they did not need to request support from their families? What would change if they had an income they can build on?
What would happen if, in a crisis, you knew that there was always money available to travel home?

What would happen if you would have a normal income, perhaps based on the country in which you live, but with extra's for the time you travel, or for ongoing costs in your home country? What would change if you could be sure that there were funds to rent a place to live in during the time you were in your home country? What could you do, if you could be sure that your source of income would not dry up one day? Would you be able to work more productively?
Could you provide better services?

The Widow's Jar is set up to make all of that possible.

Most of smaller NGO's are sustained by supporting people in the home country of the leaders and staff. In fact they are beggars. When nobody would support them, they have to go home. The financial crisis for sure made that clear. Many projects are starving.

Why is this so?

We believe that it starts with the idea of scarcity. Have you ever heard of a wealthy missionary? Isn't it the case that not being wealthy is part of the culture?
Why is that so? Most of these people have a heart of gold, but are not paid in gold. They are willing to do ANYTHING for the people they help, but they do not have ANYTHING themselves. Why do they not enjoy abundance?
We do not want to put ourselves in any religious catagory. We want to make it possible for scarcity to be banished from the people's minds.
We want all people with hearts of gold to experience abundance.

We invite you to see how you can join us.
I will Pay it Forward.