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Do you know the story of "The Widow's Jar"?

It is a story of the Bible (2 Kings 4:1-8) from which we all can learn: A widow fears that her children will be enslaved by the creditors, when she cannot pay her debt. (That sounds familiar, doesn't it? Most of us are slaves to the system we live in...) She asks for advice to the prophet Elisha. He asks her, "Do you have a jar with oil?." He advises her: "Collect all jars in your village. Go to your house. Close the door." (This means: Go to other people that have no oil (empty jars), and do not advertise what you are doing to provide them oil (Tell how great you are).) "Fill one jar, one after the other, with your oil. Sell it to the others and you will be able to pay your debts and live with your sons." (So she had to believe that her jar would not be empty.)