Engage in commerce to create opportunities based on capital, not on debt.

The Widow's Jar Program

This program is based on the same principle as "I offer a job" and other opportunities within Sound Prosperity.

For what projects is this program available?

In each local community where your project is working, SPURT will be THE way out of poverty for the people. We see it in our work in Zimbabwe, where it gives hope and relief. But "The Widow's Jar" it is not only there for people in Africa. It can also be used for projects in your own country. ANY good project can apply, and once approved, there is no need anymore for searching and searching for money. SPURT will be introduced in the community and with your help, heal the problems.

What do we offer?

  1. We offer the "I offer a job" program.  You can see that someone pays for another person once per year for example €120, depending on the country you reside this can be negotiated. In the case that the person paid €120 you will receive 2000 SPURT in your SPURT account, when you live in the area connected to this person. You can also register yourself.
  2. "The Widow's Jar" offers the opportunityro provide education, to build local hospitals, schools, water to the people.
  3. We offer to bring SPURT in your community and spread it, so people can start paying each other with SPURT. They can find businesses accepting SPURT too. (See this example in Kenia.)
  4. For all business done, the community (city) will earn 20% and the country 5% of the business. This will make the community stronger!

Let's see an example:

"The Widow's Jar" has a jar full of SPURT and we are willing to fill the carpenter's jar with SPURT, (or from any business willing to work with us), if he will sell his future production to us. (future means that he does not need to deliver any products NOW). Please see the business opportunities to understand how he can profit. The big advantage is that not only the carpenter will flourish, but also his city and his country.

We will work with you and do everything to support your community so your jar will never be empty. We will work with the people in your community and teach them how they can earn SPURT and pay the carpenter with SPURT. This way, they will have their other currency to pay for electricity etc. Please see SPURT Local.

If he wishes, we will buy from the carpenter the SPURT he wants to exchange and provide him with the currency he wants. The carpenter has NO risk! He will understand though, that USING his SPURT will profit him more.
You can also request payment for all your staff, by going to the "I offer a Job" Program. This way you have all your expenses covered for the project the next 12 months, and be able to pay a good salary, according to the country the people live and work in, and travel costs for the staff (not first class:) )

Ask your Sponsor or Sound Prosperity for more information.