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I offer a Job

Please take these steps before you apply to one of the three kinds of "I offer a Job." 


  1. You offer someone a Job:

as a church, club etc. you want to pay our volunteers.
You want to pay someone for taking care of you.

Apply here. (250€ a year)

  1. You offer your self a Job:

You want to be paid for being a stay at home parent, for being a homeschooler, for taking care of your parents. Apply here.(250€ a year)
  1. You want to work for the Sound Prosperity Social Organization

    Apply here. (No costs involved.)
  2. Pay it Forward
  1. Open a MySPURT Account FIRST, otherwise we cannot transfer funds to your account.

  2. Apply for a FREE Sound Prosperity Membership.

Your information will be used to complete the form.
  1. Apply for one of the choices as a Job. (See on the right for short explanation and below for more information.)

  2. For Option One and Two: start finding businesses, partners, services who want to accept your SPURT, knowing that they CAN exchange their SPURT into the exchangeable SPURT+, or use them to buy products or services themselves, getting full compensation this way.

We offer Three Kinds of Jobs and offer to pay 2000 SPURT a month (depending on where you live):

  1. You can offer a Job to anyone willing to take the job.

  • You can offer a job to unpaid caretakers. They will be paid now in SPURT. They might take care of elderly, sick, disabled people family members.
  • You can offer a job to people working as unpaid volunteers.
  • You can offer a job to people who offer healt care (like doctors, dentists etc.) for free to people who cannot afford to be taken care for.
  • People who are, in the eyes of this world, too "old" to find a job, or are disabled. They might live in an area where all jobs are gone.
  • You might reward your partner or daughter for the fact that they stay at home to take care of the children. Perhaps they are home schoolers. We also see that as a job.
Restriction: You will have to work at least 10 hours a week, which should be signed of by someone capable of wittnessing that you are indeed doing this.
  1. You can offer yourself a Job:

  • You are a homeschooler.
  • You are working for homeless people.
  • You play music in the church.
  • You accompany people to hospitals etc.
    Restriction: You will have to work at least 10 hours a week, which should be signed of by someone capable of wittnessing that you are indeed doing this.
  1. The Job could also be offered to you by the Sound Prosperity Social Organisation [SPSO]

  • You could help set up all the programs we offer.
  • You could help set up a Prosperity Center.
  • You can start working on any of the jobs SPSO is offering in the form below.
  • You will earn SPURT, and will be supported to convert them to SPURT+.
"I offer a Job Program" for one year.* In SPURT on your account
250.00 EUR* 2000 SP per month for one year.*
*for Europe, USA, Canada, Australia, other countries can negotiate.

Payment in Europe
You CAN renew this Job-offer each year for €250.00. You cannot subscribe more than ONE time per person.

*Please understand that if you do not live in any of the Western countries, you might negotiate about the required 250 EURO. Example: You live in Zimbabwe, you would pay 25 € and receive each month 200 SPURT during one year.

Payment options

Pay it Forward!