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Interesting Articles

Please read for your own education these articles:

Sound Prosperity is not responsible for the items linked in this section. The responsibility resides with the publishers of the material. The information is presented as information only.

* We recommand you to see this film called "Prosperity".
* Please also see the good information with video's about money in
* A must read article from Prof. Antal Fekete
What is a dollar?
World Economic Forum 2015 in Davos Switzerland about Digital Currency.
* The truth is out: money is just an IOW and the banks are rolling in it.
Money creation in the modern ecomomy 

Los Angeles Times: Gov. Brown signs bills legalizing Bitcoins use, other legislation

Sandy Pierrre: Bitcoin Embraced by New Hampshire Candidates: See that at the end of the document, 6 candidates accept Bitcoin (digital currency) as contribution for their campaign!

Why did they do that? Because the California government signed a law that digital currency is legal tender.

This also means that the Digital Currency SPURT is legal tender too. 

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