Engage in commerce to create opportunities based on capital, not on debt.


Sound Prosperity wants to work with people who support the MySPURT vision!
We need to know what your WHY is for working with us and with your team.

What is the vision behind TEAMS?

In Brazil lives Mr. Ricardo Semler with a huge company, working with Teams. They all have their own responsibility, can set their working time, set what they want to get done in that company. It works great and people take their own responsibility. They are HAPPY because they can DO what they WANT to do!
You have a DREAM. You have something you would LOVE to do? You want to offer a service or product?
When you find people you LOVE to work with, people you trust with your heart with the SAME drive you have, then you can set up a Team with them.
A Team consist of 5-10 people working on the same product or service. They share one vision and share the work and time. They also might “hire” the work of, for example, an administrative team in the city. You might also take part in another team asking for YOUR specialty. Profit from the knowledge in other Teams!
Teams will support the community, but they also can increase the quality of your own life. All teams working for Sound Prosperity will be paid in SPURT for their hours or even through “SPURT Jobs”.
This means that ANYONE can build their own life, their own community.
ALL have the chance to play BIG. All have the chance to participate small if that is what they want.


A Team is represented by an anonymously chosen speaker. Speakers of all Teams in a city vote for a Counselor, who is presenting the results of the Teams to the Foundation for the Country.

For TEAMS there is a voting system too.

Teams can look at each other’s work too, especially if you work with a certain team. If a team is not performing, and the votes are under 60 of 100 points, the team can have ONE more chance to do a better job, but has to stop working on that subject if they continue to have bad notes.

Approval for a new Team

Teams have to be approved by a chosen “Approve set up teams-Team”  which consist of the speakers of the other teams. Until such a Team is set up, the responsible person for your country in the Foundation will look at your Team and the ideas and if all is correct, approve your team.
The advising Foundation Board Member might have suggestions on how you can work with other teams but you are in fact free. Your team is your responsibility, as long as you keep the Rules for Sound Prosperity Teams.
New teams will, until there are build 8-10 teams, fall directly under the Sound Prosperity Country Foundation. Please contact info at soundprosperity.org to be connected.
As soon as the teams start to work, with for example five teams, they can already choose their own group-speaker, and that speaker will be officially accepted by the Foundation after a new vote when reaching 8 teams. From there on the teams can start working on their own. They will have to report their results though.

Chosen Counselors of a city, country or combination of townships

Counselors are people who are INSPIRED by the CAUSE. They do not want to be a "leader" because they think big of themselves or think they can earn more, or BE, or KNOW more. Their ONLY goal is to support the community. Of course, they will be paid, but that is, you could say, a side effect.
It will show fairly soon if people are inspired or ego-driven and the system will regulate it by themselves, for each team member from all the teams he is serving can, anonymously, vote for this counselor after six months. If he does not reach the 60 of 100 points, he has to leave. But he can also be re-elected many years.
We URGE you to see this voting NOT as a PERSONAL attack. So if you THINK YOU should be the "leader" and you are NOT chosen, do not blame, but think: what can I do better in the future. In this small group of active people, there are probably several active people.


In your community it might not be easy to choose a Counselor, for there are not many teams yet.
Therefore any potential Counselor might start to set up teams with people he knows, sharing the same heart-burned desire for what they want to produce or how they want to serve. The teams and the speaker can come from any city or township in your country. New townships will start working with Sound Prosperity too.


All speakers report weekly the results of what their Team is doing to the for the country responsible Foundation Board Member who is reporting to Sound Prosperity.
At a later time there will be the chosen Counselor in between and perhaps even a chosen Group-Speaker out of the speakers of a township.
The chosen people can contact the Foundation for advice. THIS person is the ONLY one contacting the Foundation. Only in URGENT cases, when the Counselor is not available due to the time difference, contacting Sound Prosperity is permitted.

Work attitude

It is prohibited to discriminate and be involved in politics if you want to be part of a Team. It is also prohibited to have more than two family members in a team unless otherwise approved. Rivalry is not in your dictionary if you want to work in a SOUND way. Neither is speaking bad about others or other Teams.
You do not need to vote for people or Teams that are not on your way of working.
We want you all to SUPPORT each other. ONLY together we are strong.
If you are KIND and helpful, people will be kind and helpful to you.

Important links

Study also the Business Concept for MySPURT so that YOU, your city and country can profit!
Seek businesses or private people selling services and products and how the funds can be used to support your city and country.
Sign the Rules and Guidelines for Sound Prosperity Teams.
See more about voting.
See ideas on what kind of Teams can be set up, also for Sound Prosperity.