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Team decisions and voting

As you can see in the button VOTE we see value in voting anonymously on all we do. This also means in a team. You might think that you can do without, but you cannot. There will raise animosity when you do, for you have to show what you think. We can imagine that you can, with a few good friends, take good decisions without voting. But when you are NOT on the same page, choose to vote, so that you are not voting for something you don't like, but think you cannot choose because you would be against a friend.

When you have your weekly meeting, you decide whether or not you clean this building this week, or that one, or you accept a new building to work for. You might decide that you clean a certain part more thoroughly. You might decide to clean the gardens now and not in two weeks. You might decide to hire a gardening team for that part.

You might decide to hire a company to wash the windows on the outside instead of doing it yourself. You might decide to allow one of your employees, who you think can do it, to set up a window cleaning team, who can work for you and other cleaning teams. They now have the possibility to buy a stage, so that they can work on higher buildings too.

When, at any given moment, the opinions seem to conflict, voting is the solution!

In the weekly meeting you can decide what you think you can produce that week, and keep yourself to it, even if you need to work more hours that week. But if you accomplished it earlier, you might have the Monday off. You would not think: next week we take the same amount of orders, for you know you will earn more when you increase. On the other hand you might want to stop growing, because now you are not in stress so much.
You might decide on flexible working times so that you can do a part of your work at times that your partner can look for the children and do that from both sides.

Having a business IS taking decisions all day!

Voting for a qualification.

You will have to judge each other's competence on a regular basis. Is the team member you work with really performing? Is he not misusing the flexible working times and are YOU supposed to do all, while he is driving in his car?
Chose to vote on how you think the others on your team are working. If someone is NOT performing, he has to leave! If she is not selling she said she would and that happens over and over again, also after you discussed that, there need to change things.
When you vote on a regular basis, let’s say every three weeks on each other’s performance, you know what you have to change if your numbers are low. You can choose the same voting criteria’s as you did when you chose for your country or your counselor.