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SPURT PLUS Exchange Access [SPEA]

A SPEA is giving you access to the exchange possibilities MySPURT has organized, through New Chances, and will be shown in your account in SPURT+.
If you do not have an account yet, the payment for the first SPEA is including an account. You will have to register through www.myspurt.org.

Through the SPEA, New Chances can connect you to the Exchange Houses and which chose the one that would be the best in your case. (Also depending on the quantity of SPURT+ you would want to exchange.)
You are allowed to buy more than one SPEA but not more than 10 at a time.
SPEA are offered in the MySPURT Marketplace under Services, Consulting.

New Chances acts as a surrogate for the Exchange Houses. You will receive SPURT+ in your account for the same amount as you paid in EURO.

If you have SPURT and you want to exchange SPURT into SPURT+ you will have to do business or community work to be able to do that. You do not need to buy a SPEA. Your work is providing the access to New Chances as surrogate for the Exchange Houses.