Engage in commerce to create opportunities based on capital, not on debt.
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What is a project?

A project can be:

  1. A home to live in.
  2. A school for children in Africa.
  3. A harbor in Greece.
  4. A coffee farm in Peru.

How do you present your project?

  1. You provide a business plan.
  2. You show that you have enough SPURT to pay for your project.
  3. Or you contact the Sound Prosperity Social Organization [SPSO] to find support from other clients, willing to work with you.
There might be clients who do not have a businessplan and are perhaps not even able or willing to make one, or to lead a project. But they might have SPURT, which they can loan to others who do not have SPURT, but have a great plan to make the world a better place.
SPSO would connect the two clients.
  1. You might want to buy a house, a car and furniture. You might want to add clean energy. You will need to pay the real estate.
All these costs can be put together in a business plan, showing the place you want to buy and all other things involved.
If you have SPURT, you could decide to pay for the house with SPURT after you exchanged it into SPURT+ by doing business. (For example bringing the Real Estate company to SPURT.) If you don't have SPURT, you could loan SPURT from a SPURT client and pay him each month with the SPURT+ you earn by taking care of the house and by doing business.
  1. Or you can bring us other suggestions.

The SPSO members, interested in taking part of the organization, can also bring suggestions on how this will be devellopped.