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From time to time Sound Prosperity Members may engage in business transactions with each other that do not yield expected results.

If such an event occurs, there is an easy, painless, and profitable remedy readily available to each Member.

That is, when Members feel they have not obtained what was desired, expected, contracted, etc., they may request intervention by Sound Prosperity.

Upon reviewing a complaint, Sound Prosperity may agree to, on behalf of the Member, register SPURT equal in number to the USD amount involved.

SPURT is a digital currency. More information can be found under
Member may use the Crypto SPURT option to be compensated.

To begin this process, the Member should contact Sound Prosperity.
The request needs to contain the Members name and address, and the amount of SPURT the Member wishes to negotiate. Member should be willing to show what on his part is done to complete the deal correctly.

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