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2019-11-10 Finally we were able to change the website provider and could change a lot if the information and complete all links.

2018-09-10 SPURT Jobs is replacing I offer a Job.

2017-12-16 Your Education, Your Happiness, Steps to take added.

2017-12-16 Your Health, Your Happiness, Steps to take added.

2017-12-16 FAQ for Sound Prosperity Programs (continuously added new questions and answers.)

2017-02-28 Sound Prosperity started the Sound Prosperity Social Organization [SPSO] through which members can join and actively take part in how we can change the world using SPURT.
They will work through the Prosperity Centers and with PAM, BAM and KAM
The members will also be able to actively play a role in the organisation of a yearly Abundance Fest, where all clients can enjoy, relax, and learn from excellent speakers. There will also be special groups of members who are working on the programs SPSO is presenting.
All Projects will be presented on the Abundance Fest, so that others will be inspired.
If you are interested in taking part in the way you can work with SPURT, you can join SPSO now.

2017-02-28 Terms and Conditions for USE of SPURT to the currency of choice.

If you want information please contact Sound Prosperity. 

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