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What do you have to do to enter this program?

1. Your health should be your first priority. This means that you will consciously choose to do things that are GOOD for your Health and Fitness.
2. Your commitment to the above will help you achieve what you want. 

NEW instructions, because SPURT is accepted more and more!
We are close to the possibility that we can exchange the SPURT you provide to your Health Care Provider or any supplier or vendor. They do not take a risk accepting SPURT anymore.

The time to just receive SPURT+ for your health care costs is over now. You will, from now on, receive SPURT.
This means that you will have to promote SPURT to be able to use the SPURT you received.
Please realize that you ALWAYS can use SPURT to pay any supplier accepting SPURT. Your doctor, your dentist, the baker could accept SPURT and we would exchange the SPURT he received into the exchangeable SPURT+. But he would understand that he is better off, when he is using his SPURT to pay his own suppliers. That way he would be 100% compensated.
This means that if you can negotiate with a Health Care provider, or any other supplier, to accept SPURT, which would be VERY good for them, you can use SPURT directly. It would also be good for you, for you would receive 20% of the business you bring in SPURT.
Please see the new FAQ on Healthcare.


We offer all clients to reduce their Health costs by using SPURT and:

1. Pay for alternative medicines and alternative medical treatment. (in coordination with the Prosperity Centers.)
2. Pay for alternative holistic medical treatment.
3. Pay for physiotherapy.
4. Paying the health-insurance bills.
5. Pay the franchise part of the insurance.
6. Pay extra costs you make for doctor visits or hospital visits.
7. Pay for parents to be able to stay with their children in the hospital.  


1. Become a Sound Prosperity Member.
2. Open a MySPURT account.
3. Pay the initial required deposit.
4. Apply for Your Health, your Happiness.
5. Fill in the Submission form to receive SPURT.
6. Find Healthcare providers, or any supplier, who can accept SPURT, knowing it WILL be exchangeable.
7. Pay the Healthcare provider or supplier with SPURT from your account or mobile phone.
8. Pay it forward.


What do we offer for people who want to be, become or stay healthy?

1. A good program to help you make better choices on food and drinks.
2. A good program to make you aware that this is YOUR life and that your choices make what you are.
3. Access to Fitness studios.
5. Affordable healthy food.

What do we offer elderly, or disabled people?

  1. Home care.
  2. Walking aid.
  3. Stair elevators etc.
  4. Payment for elderly homes and caretaking homes.

What do we do for people who suffer psychic problems? For people who are disabled and the social care is not willing to pay? For people who are "too" old to get a job, we will find work. (For example see SPSO.)
What do we do for people who cannot work, because they are in constant pain? All these people WILL be supported! They have the right to be released from the stress to HAVE to find work and go to work. Doctors will need to provide us information on their health. We might send them to clinics to get better health so they can live happier.

How do we pay for all this?

1. Doctors and therapists can see what they can gain when they accept SPURT. Remember, this is at the time that SPURT is convertible.
2. We ask from all clients who want to use this opportunity to contact their doctors and therapeutics to accept SPURT.
3. At the same time there will be an amount available to start paying for those kind of bills for urgency cases, but we expect clients, or their family, to be active too!
4. We understand that not all clients are capable to speak to their doctors first and will actively support health care providers who can support you as alternative instead.

What can you do for yourself right now?

You could start to look for information on how to live healthy by eating the best food.
In case you know someone who is suffering from cancer, or if you want to PREVENT to get cancer, you should for sure study the TRUTH about Cancer!
If you want to learn more about how important it is to support your immune system and how wrong information is betraying you, see The Betrayal Series from Dr. Tom.
Start to take responsibility for your own health.
Start to promote Your Health Your Happiness right now.

* I want to be a Health Coach.
* Go for Health
* Application and Submission of Health Costs.
* Submission form for all costs you made to be or become healthy.
* Ask yourself the Three Most important Questions you can ask yourself!

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