No one wants to spend most hours of their lives doing what they don't like.

So it makes good sense to pick something you like. Something you enjoy. It's just a smart, common sense thing to do.
It also makes sense to pick something you're good at or could be good at. Because it does not make any sense to spend your life doing something that you don't have the attitude to do well. That would be frustrating. You don't want to work and work and work and not get better. If you pick something you're natural at, you get better and better overtime. That is a good thing. You might have to experiment to find out what that is. You might have to try a few things.


  1. 1. Become a Sound Prosperity Member.
  2. 2. Open a MySPURT account.
  3. 3. Pay the initial required deposit.
  4. 3. Apply for Your Job, Your Happiness. Are you interested in being paid for the work you do now?
  5. 4. Are you interested in working for SPSO?
  6. 4. Find any supplier any product or service from a Humanity Plus company, that can accept SPURT, knowing it WILL be exchangeable.
  7. 6. Pay the the provider or supplier of goods or services you need with SPURT.

The vast majority of us wants careers that makes us the most money possible.

But is that the best thing to do?

What is the recipe for being happy with your Job?

  • I MUST chose work I LOVE.
  • I must GET GOOD at what I do.
  • I MUST make a significant CONTRIBUTION to others.

People with their mindset on: What's In It For Me, what am I going toget out of this, what are YOU going to do for ME, they're going to have it rough. They are missing the point. They just don't understand the recipe for a life fulfilling job.

The question to ask is this: How can I use my talent to help others?!

And here you are at "Your Job Your Happiness" and this is what it is all about.
Your Job should be adding to the source of your Happiness, which is in you already.
Perhaps you knew this already, but you did not dare to take the big step to do something different, afraid for the fact that you might not earn enough from the beginning.
Perhaps you are in an age at which the society does not want you anymore.
Perhaps you are disabled.

In all these cases "Your Job Your Happiness" will be the program to go to, so you can be supported and make the right choice and do something you love to do.

You cannot find a job?

Well only in the Sound Prosperity Social Organization [SPSO] there are many opportunities! You will be paid with SPURT.

Perhaps you want to start the small bakery to sell your delicious pies.
Perhaps you can support people with debts or you might even be the expert through your own experience.
Perhaps you clean the windows for an elderly person.
Perhaps you organize in your city that all people pay each other with SPURT and that everybody provides a few hours a week for the society. (See our SPURT Local initiative.)
What would you LIKE to do?

To US you are VALUABLE.

We can teach you how to do things perhaps voluntarily and get paid in SPURT?
See for now: I offer a Job.

But you can also become part of the "Sound Prosperity Social Organization" and work with us on the social aspect of SPURT. You can earn your money by participating.  

* GO for Health! Here you can also find how to become a Health Coach!
* Your Overall Health
* Application and submission for compensation of Health Costs you paid for.
* Please also look to the Three Most important Questions you can ask yourself!

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