Sound Prosperity Teams Voting Process

Vote for whom you want to work with in your Team, your community, your city or in your country

In Sound Prosperity all is about taking responsibility for YOUR life. For that reason, Sound Prosperity does NOT believe in LEADERS. Very soon you would have followers. Followers might follow people who are engaged in politics or might lead to discrimination, which are NOT permitted in Sound Prosperity and SPURT.

Sound Prosperity decided to follow the example of the million strong business from Dr. Ricardo Semler in Brazil, to ONLY work with Teams. To avoid nepotism and issues of loyalty there is the rule that you cannot have more than two people of the same family in one Team.


Sound Prosperity experienced that in some countries loyalty to a religious person or a social leader is very high. The pressure to vote for such a person is immense. Therefore we learned from Dr. Semler that anonymously chosen people will be the voice of the Teams AND for CSF.


Anonymously chosen means, that each six months all teams can give a vote from 1 to100 for someone who can be a SPEAKER for their team. If a person has more than 60 points, he can be elected. If after six months he falls under 60 points he has to leave. It can be so that the SPEAKER is supporting the Team so well that he can be re-elected several times. All people ALSO vote each six months for the COUNSELLOR for the city. It might be so that there is no counselor for the city if there are only a few Teams, and that there will be a Counselor for the country. ALL Speakers of all cities in a country will choose, anonymously, for the COMMUNITY SUPPORT FUND, as will all Speakers of all cities will choose, anonymously for the COUNTRY SUPPORT FUND. All Speakers report weekly the results of their teams to the Sound Prosperity Country Foundation, who reports to Sound Prosperity Social Organization in Switzerland. Both the COMMUNITY SUPPORT FUND and the COUNTRY SUPPORT FUND, report their results to the Sound Prosperity Country Foundation, who reports to Sound Prosperity Social Organization in Switzerland.


1. A Counsellor is the biggest supporter of the Teams.
2. A Counsellor will support the Team that is advising if a new Team can start with their new Game Plan.
3. A Counsellor will approve a concept of a Team before it can start as long as the Team for that purpose is not yet in place.
4. A Counsellor will take the task of the Speaker as long as there is no Speaker selected yet.
5. He will help to arrange things if the Team seeks support.
6. He will be in contact for advice with the Sound Prosperity [Country] Foundation, which has NO control over the business of the Teams.
7. He will be the mediator if personal problems arise.
8. He can seek advice from the PAM, BAM OR KAM.
Etc. etc.

Please also see the information about our Structure.

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