Projects to make the world a better place!

Thanks to all our members, we have many projects we support. Some by the members themselves, with their own balance in SPURT, others by Sound Prosperity themselves.
We invite you to look at the projects.
There are many, and we will fill in one by one, so you might want to look here more often.
Those who want to support one project can contact us. Remember, we have a fund, created by members, to support your project, if your own funds are not sufficient.
Many clients also choose to work with an existing project.

  What is a project?

A project can be: 

  1. A home to live in.
  2. A school for children in Africa.
  3. A harbor in Greece.
  4. A coffee farm in Peru.

How do you present your project? 

  1. You provide a business plan.
  2. You show that you have enough SPURT to pay for your project.
  3. Or you contact the Sound Prosperity Social Organization [SPSO] to find support from other clients, willing to work with you. There might be clients who do not have a businessplan and are perhaps not even able or willing to make one, or to lead a project. But they might have SPURT, which they can loan to others who do not have SPURT, but have a great plan to make the world a better place. SPSO would connect the two clients.  
  4. You might want to buy a house, a car and furniture. You might want to add clean energy. You will need to pay the real estate. All these costs can be put together in a business plan, showing the place you want to buy and all other things involved. If you have SPURT, you could decide to pay for the house with SPURT after you exchanged it into SPURTCrypto by doing business. (For example bringing the Real Estate company to SPURT.) If you don't have SPURT, you could loan SPURT from a SPURT client and pay him each month with the SPURTCrypto you earn by taking care of the house and by doing business.  
  5. Or you can bring us other suggestions.  

The SPSO members, interested in taking part of the organization, can also bring suggestions on how this will be developed.

Some of the Projects Around The World

1. ArgentinaThe Moomba Foundation had been incorporated for the well-being of wild animals living in captivity. We aim to make a distinction between animal parks that are involved with canned hunting/cub petting and the parks that do good. The good and ethical parks are entitled to and will receive a Moomba certificate. Please find more information on our website www.moombafoundation.com1243143
2. GhanaCape Deaf Project7243076
3. GhanaCommunity Home Based Care ans Support Project7243076
4. Ghana1 Milion Bins to collect Garbage7243076
5. GhanaSunpower Innovations7243076
6. GhanaWater for Wasa Amenfi Cocao Farmers Project7243076
7. GhanaSunpower Innovations7243076
8. GermanyVitalis Gesundheitscenter
9. USA/NVYadah Worship Center Greensboro. The project is centered on restoring the family.
Our company is a real estate development company. Our development projects our led by architects, construction building crafts artisans and town planners. We build a new village in Northern Illinois, USA. We could sell the end townhouse in crypto/Spurt. The project when built out will contain the following:
10. USA/ILPrivate Commuter Train Service; Private Rail Club Station; Year Around Farmers Market; Theater and Entertainment District;
Community Farm; Sustainable Wind Solar power generation; Charter Private School; Library; Boathouse; Tennis Club; Equestrian Club; Inn/Hotel; Senior Housing Apartments; Office Building; Medical Urgent Care; Condominiums - Office Retail:
Condominiums - Residential; Townhouse; Single Family
11. SwitzerlandSport Center together with R.A. Managament1242444
12. ZimbabweFirst of all we have hundreds of people starting new businesses. Food, Vegetables, Poultry, Fishfarms etc. 1242750
13. ZimbabweSecond, already existing businesses are looking for funding to invest in the very old machines and equipments.1242750
14. ZimbabweCoffee, Waterwells, school system, school uniforms, SOUND PROSPERITY and SPURT Jobs.
15. USA/New OrleansSelf Sustaining smart organic farmers, together with R.A. Management.
16. ParaguayElderly home.
17. PhilipinesInsurances for all people payable
18. PeruCoffee, Cacao, schools, payment in SPURT for employees.
19. Zambia/
Bed linen Project
20. CongoMasanka HHA Kinshasa Children village
21. GemanySaving for Foreclosure
22. KyrgyzstanOasis. Care for so-called “care leavers”, those who have to leave the state institutions at the age of 15/16 and have no support whatsoever.1242444
23. ZimbabweCollecting waste and make BRICKS out of it!
24. ZimbabweCryogenic Crumb Rubber and Recycled Plastic Processing Production Plant.
25. ZimbabweFourth Street Development Summary, Bus station and Busses to other cities. Harare
26. ZimbabweLGL Tobacco, Servemox Investments.
27. ZimbabweHealth Excellence Agriculture and Permacuture Company Company profile
28. USA TXHealthy Housing Initiative
29.  Africato be added
30. ZimbabweJupiter House Foyer (Student homes in Harare Zimbabwe. Start with 32 bedrooms MANY more!
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