Three most important questions you can ask yourself

Do you ever think about what you WANT out of life?

If you are just living on autopilot, life might decide FOR you.

Please answer these Three Most Important Questions.

In each Prosperity Center, we will make a wall with all the forms for that Center, so that each can read what YOU want out of life.
You might find people with the same hopes and dreams!
You might want to climb the same mountain, go diving, start a SPURT community!

If you do not want to use the below form, you can make your own beautiful creation, where you add ALL experiences you want to have, ALL ways you want to grow and contribute to the world, you are free to scan it and send it or make a picture and send that. You do not want to have just ONE exiting experience, ONE way to grow, ONE way to contribute, do you? Make this something you can work on and work on and work on.

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