Sound Prosperity kicks off the first part of our Health Program!

We call it: GO for Health!

Health can be your physical health, but also financial health. It can be health in every area of your life!
Although we focus here on physical health, your financial health will become better and better, the more you spend on your physical health. This might boost already other areas of your life.

Are you with us?

Let's "GO for Health"!

"Go for Health" offers you reimbursement in SPURT for all you need to be healthy:

1. Reimbursement for Healthy Food. If you buy vegetables and high quality meat or fish, and you think that you cannot afford that and would rather buy junk food, but you want to be healthier, we reimburse your costs.
2. This of course counts also for vitamines, supplements and essential oils etc.
3. Reimbursement for equipment you need for your circumstances. (like walking aid, water purifier etc.)
4. Reimbursement for a Fitness Studio, Gym, Yoga classes etc.
5. Any supplier of Healthy Food will be reimbursed in SPURT for equipment that is needed, but ONLY if he accepts SPURT as payment for his products. The SPURT received as payment for his products can be used to exchange in SPURT+ or his SPURT can be used to pay other (his) suppliers. In that case these SPURT will be compensated 100%.
6. Sound Prosperity offers a program, called "Overall Health", where you are supported to live healthier. (It will cost 1000 SPURT). This is not a weight loss program, but many will lose weight, others, who need that, might gain a little weight, but all will be healthier. It is also supporting you to have a healthy life on other areas of your life, like your financial life. You will have the opportunity to dive deeply into your life and find out what thrives you (or not ).
ACTIVE attendees can earn SPURT for attending classes. (If you are interested, please provide your information.)
7. Reimbursement for online classes from Mindvalley, teaching you Intellectual Health. (You have to request permission and show what program you want to attend, if it is not a by us recommended program.

Why do I get SPURT? I want SPURTCrypto !

You are right! This is a good question. SPURTCrypto will be provided to anyone promoting SPURT. Please see SPURT. If you follow the guidelines, you can negotiate the conversion from SPURT into SPURTCrypto.

Who will reimburse you?

Reimbursement will be done by Sound Prosperity through Health Coaches.
Anyone interested in becoming a Health Coach, will be paid on the conditions of "SPURT Jobs", which means they will be paid monthly in SPURT, which can be converted to SPURT+ after negotiation (by promoting SPURT). There is no fee required.

What is the task of a Health Coach?

A Health Coach will support clients requesting reimbursement for their expenses.
You will have to provide your information to them. They have the RIGHT to request proof of your expenses. They might not ask for it each time, but they can and WILL check, so you have to keep proof of what you request reimbursement for. If you cannot present that information correct, you will be excluded from this program for the next year.
A Health Coach might require from you, in SPURT, 10 % of the requested amount as administrative fee. Sound Prosperity will help with the conversion from SPURT into SPURTCrypto.
If you are interested in becoming a Health Coach, please sign up HERE.

What online classes do we recommend?

We have some in mind we have good experiences with, but we do not want to influence you or look like we are doing Network Marketing, for Sound Prosperity is NOT Network Marketing, just as SPURT is NOT Network Marketing. For that reason we will, if those programs have an affiliate part in it, use the money we'll receive to buy your SPURT.

There is a separate page with Links for information on Health:

1. Education, physical and for personal growth
2. Good products for prevention, separated in categories.
3. Good products for cure, separated in categories.

Health Coach
Your Overall Health
Application and submission for compensation of Health Costs you paid for. 

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