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Prosperity Film

The organisation is presenting the beautiful film Prosperity.

It is presenting many VERY good people, who are changing the world with their good intentions.
What I like very much is Lynne Twist, who has the task to end world hunger, which learned her that money is innocent.

Money is like water. When it moves, it can make things grow. When it is stuck, it becomes stagnend or toxic, just like water. When it is horted, it makes us sick!

We have to pass it on and know to whom we pass it on.
The way we use money keeps it pure.
What makes us prosper is not necessarily money. Money can be helpful. I love it! When you are in touch with Awe, and Well-being.
What is wealth? It is Well-being. Playing with your children can give you that Well-being!
Prosperity is being in touch with Source. Prosperity comes from generosity not from accumulation. Prosperity comes from: Make something happen for another person.
You might say: you have nothing to give.
Lynne speaks about one woman that came to her with loads of debt, and all other problems like divorce. She WAS that debt. She WAS that terrible burdened life.
"I did not have a financial solution for her problem. But I had a ontological pathways for her problem.
I told her for the next seven days to take a stand to make a difference with every interaction she had in every situation she was in, to the best of her ability. In other words to contribute in some way her love, her appriciation to the person at the grocery who checked her out. Say something about their hear, how efficiently they packed the bags, or to thank there for being there every day for her. To thank the cab driver or the bus driver or the friend next door ask if you can help clean out the garage. To be of service, to be in gratitude, to appreciate, to acknowledge, to celebrate in every way she possibly can, even to strangers walking down the street. I love your dog, I have seen your walking every day and I have never told you what a sweet dog you have. Things like that."
Lynne is showing what happened to this women after seven days.

This is something we ALL can do, even if we have a very hard time, or perhaps even BECAUSE we have a hard time.
Listen to her. This is about PROSPERITY.

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