Your Home, Your Happiness

We can help you build your dream house

If you don't have enough SPURT on your account to buy a house, we will buy a house for you and you can pay rent for it with SPURT in Ethereum. If you earned enough SPURT, you can buy it back in a certain time.
Houses might also be bought from you by the Prosperity Centers, clean energy will be added and you can buy the house back, in a certain time, with SPURT/ETH. You can earn SPURT in Ethereum by doing business, promote SPURT, and with that convert your SPURT into SPURT in Ethereum.
You will earn SPURT/ETH also if you take care of the house and the clean energy equipment, and pay rent in SPURT/ETH until you are able to buy it back.
You can also make your house a project.

We are working together with a partner who can build. Structure Insulated Panel Manufactures US wide within a very short time. You can use SPURT in Ethereum to pay for your house. Those houses can be delivered in the USA.

You do not need to buy a house through this partner and might want to buy another home or buy the home you are living in right now. For other countries, we also have solutions.
Your Personal Account Manager can help you as soon as money is available.

How about a car and furniture?

Costs for the Real Estate etc. will be paid too.

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