Lesson 2 TEAMS

Lesson 2

Teams, How to work in a Team. What if you cannot work with a Team?

We learned that Sound Prosperity is a social organization with the purpose to give people a chance to a better life. This is done through commerce, which we believe is the ONLY way out of the financial disaster we are in right now. They use the currency SPURT to accomplish that.

Any of you can earn SPURT by doing good things for the community. If you are old or disabled and you cannot do anything anymore, you still will be taken care of, but as long as you can DO ANYTHING, you will have to and WANT to support your community. Older people might still be able to take care of one or two children. Disabled people might be good in administration, or on the computer, or they still are able to support others. Perhaps some of you did not have a chance to go to school, those can now decide to get education, which we also will reward with SPURT, if you do it diligently.

So just getting SPURT each month for doing nothing is not what we offer, but if you are really not capable of doing anything, you will not be forgotten! You can open a MySPURT account and will receive the basic income for your living. You can also pay the people who take care for you with these SPURT. Please go to the administrative Team and explain your situation, so they can decide how many SPURT you need each month.

Sound Prosperity is working with Teams.

Why is Sound Prosperity working with Teams instead of Leaders who tell you what to do? There is a very simple reason for that. Leaders need FOLLOWERS, people who DO what is TOLD them to do. Sound Prosperity is not about that. Sound Prosperity is about OWN responsibility. This is YOUR life and YOU are the only one who can decide if you want to change your life or if you choose to not do that. We will have classes to help you with this.

So there are NO Leaders in Sound Prosperity! We work with SMALL Teams, 5-10 people with OWN responsibility. If you do NOT work, you will NOT earn anything. If you do not want to take responsibility, your Team will not want to work with you.
If you want to change your life and take responsibility over your own life, you are here on the right place and we will support you with classes and all you need. If not, we are not the place for you.

If you do not get this all now, that is not a problem. Teams will be discussed over and over again and there WILL be a Team that will educate you especially on how to set up teams etc. So just listen and go not get frustrated.
Perhaps you are one of the people that is just volunteering to work with a Team as supposed to actually know what is all behind it.

Work attitude

It is prohibited to discriminate and be involved in politics if you want to be part of a Team. It is also prohibited to have more than two family members in a team unless otherwise approved. Rivalry is not in your dictionary if you want to work in a SOUND way. Neither is speaking badly about others or other Teams.
You do not need to vote for people or Teams that are not have your way of working.
We want you all to SUPPORT each other. ONLY together we are strong.
If you are KIND and helpful, people will be kind and helpful to you.

Do You have a DREAM? Are you ready to work as a Team?

You have something you would LOVE to do? You want to offer a service or product?
When you find people you LOVE to work with, people you trust with your heart with the SAME drive you have, then you can set up a Team with them.

A Team consists of 5-10 people working on the same product or service. They share one vision and share the work and time. They also might “hire” the work of, for example, an administrative team in the city. You might also take part in another team asking for YOUR specialty. Profit from the knowledge in other Teams!

Teams will support the community, but they also can increase the quality of your own life. All teams working for Sound Prosperity will be paid in SPURT per hour or even through “SPURT Jobs”.
This means that ANYONE can build their own Team, their own life, their own community.
ALL have the chance to play BIG. All have the chance to participate small if that is what they want.

If you are not capable, physically or mentally of presenting your own Team or you have no ideas, you might want to join a Team as member, just to support their goal and offer your work. Be aware that you join a Team that is working on what YOU like to do! We will publish all Teams that are now being set up.

If you think: I cannot work with this person (Team), because I do not trust him or her, you for sure would not join that Team. You do not even need to tell us! Start your OWN Team!
There is NO Rivalry or discremination!

The 5-10 people in your Team are good friends of you, but there can only be ONE more family member in the Team. This is so because we do not allow nepotism!


A Team is represented by an anonymously chosen speaker. Speakers of all Teams in a city vote for a Counselor, who is presenting the results of the Teams to the Foundation for the Country, which is presenting the results monthly to Sound Prosperity Social Organization.

Why chosen people?

In Sound Prosperity all is about taking responsibility for YOUR life. As we said we do NOT believe in LEADERS. We do not believe in followers either. For that reason you are able to vote anonymously each 6 months, who you want to work with.

Why anonymous votes?

Sound Prosperity experienced that in some countries loyalty to a religious person or a social leader is very high. The pressure to vote for such a person is immense. Therefore we learned from a big business man in Brazil that anonymously chosen people will be the voice of the Teams AND for Community Support Fund, which will support the community and which will earn on ALL you are doing.


Counsellors are people who are INSPIRED by the CAUSE. They do not want to be a "leader" because they think big of themselves or think they can earn more, or BE, or KNOW more. Their ONLY goal is to support the community. Of course, they will be paid, but that is, you could say, a side effect.
It will show fairly soon if people are inspired or ego-driven and the system will regulate it by themselves, for each team member from all the teams he is serving can, anonymously, vote for this counselor after six months. If he does not reach the 60 of 100 points, he has to leave. But he can also be re-elected many years.

How are votes decided and how many times a year will there be voted?

Anonymously chosen means, that each six months all teams can give a vote from 1 to100 for someone who can be a SPEAKER for their team. If a person has more than 60 points, he can be elected. If after six months he falls under 60 points he has to leave. It can be so that the SPEAKER is supporting the Team so well that he can be re-elected several times. All people ALSO vote each six months for the COUNSELOR for the city. It might be so that there is no counselor for the city if there are only a few Teams, and that there will be a Counselor for the country.

There is of course more information on the blog, if you want to know more. (soundprosperity-education.blogspot.com)

We are looking for people who would love to start one of the following Teams. There can be more than ONE of these Teams in each township.
Teaching Team (this is not about Sound Prosperity Education).

We look for a Teaching-Team that can provide reading and writing education. They might offer computer knowledge or knowledge on certain skills. They might offer you to find out how you can almost anything using online classes. Perhaps you can provide ideas on what you would want to learn.
Each person should never stop learning! In today’s world it is not possible anymore. If you ever want to be a good member of the society you will need to educate yourself on the field you are interested in. If you want to teach OR educate yourself, please contact me or any of the other Team members here.

Health Coach

There will be a Team with a Health Coach. They will teach you how to live a healthier life.
1. Food, what is healthy and what is not.
2. How to lose weight.
3. What exercises can I do? And who is offering classes?
4. Birth-control
5. Etc.

Sound Prosperity business education

1. They will help you set up a business, showing you the entries on the blog with good information.
2. Explain how to set up a Game Plan.
3. How to sell your future production to SPURT.

Sound Prosperity Mindset classes

1. Three most important questions you can ask yourself.
2. How to learn and accept responsibility for your life.
3. How to get a better financial life.
4. How to focus on your career.
5. Parenting.
6. And all other important categories of your life.
7. How to make a Life Vision.

Administration Team

They will be responsible for administrative things like registration in:
1. I offer a Job.
2. Sound Prosperity Membership.
3. Compensation for Healthcare costs in SPURT.
4. Compensation for Education costs in SPURT.
5. Signing of the Rules and Regulations.
6. Etc.

Administration Team for Registration of a MySPURT account (ONE Team only.)

1. They also will be responsible for setting up MySPURT accounts.
2. They will be responsible for payments for the hours you work in your community.
3. They will have to travel to other townships and later to other cities too.

We will add other Teams soon.
Of course all we have been speaking about is only available for those who signed the Rules and Regulations for Sound Prosperity Teams.


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