LifeQuest is a personal growth program offered to MySPURT clients interested in being a good stewart of their money.

LifeQuest is different from all other personal development programs, because it is not something that is TOLD to you. YOU are questioning your OWN life. You think about your life on a deep level. The better you will do that, the better your results will be.

Perhaps you say: I have no time for this.

Start making an UNDO list. Things you do not want to do anymore to make time free to do your LifeQuest.
Could you for example stop looking on each email or WhatsApp message your receive? Could you perhaps not play a certain game anylonger?
What can you NOT do or plan better so you have time each day half an hour to have a better life? This will be life changing!

The biggest questions in every area of your life are:

What do I believe about this area of my life?

We sometimes are caught in cultural believes, believes we do not even know where they come from. We just believe them. We are told to believe them. We might even be kicked out of our group if we don't confirm to those believes.
Can we perhaps throw them out, so that we can have new thoughts, our OWN thoughts instead of our culture beliefs?

What do I want??

Most people do not even THINK about that question. We want you to be conscious of what you think, so you can take control over your thinking and your life.

The second, most important question is:

Why do I want it??

If your WHY is big enough, you WILL be willing to do all you can to comply with what you want.

It is not OUR book for YOUR life. It is YOUR Book for YOUR life. It are the answers that YOU are giving and thought about deeply. Answers that you might change in a year, or add to each day. In a year you might have started to think deeper and found other values.
How would your life be in five years from now, if you really think it over now?

Suppose you are young and you would like to have a partner. Would you like to have a marriage that ends with, as so many people, a divorce? Would you treat your spouse as having no value to you? How would your love-relationship look like if you thought about your values, what you want in your life together? You would really learn to appreciate each other and your plan would make discussions on many parts already impossible, because you know your choices already.
Suppose in your LifeQuest you discussed already what you would love your children to learn from you as their example. Would that not be a GREAT WHY?
What would be the result of your thinking on how much time you would reserve for your family. How would your love relationship look like if you had thought on any other important part of your life together? Would that make your marriage better?
You have written down your thoughts about what a good marriage should look like.

How would you look like, when you take good care of your body. Would that influence your love relationship?
And of course this is only ONE part of your life. But as we can see in the world, perhaps 99% of the people do not even think on being able to influence their thinking.

What would I be willing to DO to get what I really want!

What would be your strategy, your action plan. and how strong are you willing to keep yourself to it?

Watch on your self! LIsten to your thoughts! Are they supporting you?
Ask yourself the 3 most important questions.
Make yourself the best person you can be!

Make yourself the best lover you can be.
Make yourself the best community leader you can be.
Make your character so strong that you can overcome all problems you will face, so you can PROSPER and with you all people you love.

It is in YOUR hands!
For all people in underdevelopped countries, you can access for free. Just contact us, and we will add you to WhatsApp groups.
What are your goals?

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