Lesson 3 TEAMS

Lesson 3

What is the PURPOSE of setting up a TEAM?

The purpose of a Team is to give each Sound Prosperity Member the opportunity to work with SPURT under his OWN responsibility.
It is YOUR decision what you want to do for living and with WHOM you want to do that. That also gives you a responsibility that you might not be used to. Those people we will support to get more understanding of what is IS that you want to do!
Finding out WHAT you want to do is namely the basis for a good Team.

You have a DREAM

You might have buried that dream. You might have forgotten that dream, but as you were a child, or around 15-17 WHAT did you do when you had free time?
What did you do in your free time after you did your job?
Can you USE that dream to DO what you LOVE to do?
In MOST cases, what you did because you LOVED to do it, as a youngster, is about serving someone else. That is in our nature. You perhaps wanted to paint, or you were always with the animals. You could be found in the barn, repairing some things. You were teaching young kids how they can do things you already knew. What was it? Is this still your dream?
Could you SELL what you love to do to others? The best thing is ALWAYS to make the life of others better with what your talents are, because that is what IS behind your dream. Your talents are waiting for you to start living your dream.

Find people you would LOVE to work with, people you trust with your heart with the SAME drive you have, and then you can set up a Team with them.

A Team consists of 5-10 people working on the same product or service. They share one vision and share the work and time. They also might “hire” the work of, for example, an administrative team in the city. You might also take part in another team asking for YOUR specialty. Profit from the knowledge other Teams have!

Teams will support the community, but they also can increase the quality of your own life.

If you work in a Team, you can use the talents of all the Team members.

Let’s take an example:

Your passion is to cook. Your specialty is to cook HEALTHY food. One in your Team is a good cook too; the other is good in finding where you can buy those healthy vegetables and the animals that had a happy life. Another loves to clean up the kitchen after cooking and assist while cooking. One in your team is good in administration and Public Relations. TOGETHER you are a great team.
You all have your tasks and all can plan their own time as long as the work you planned to do that week is done. This would mean that if the administrative person is working mostly in the evening and in the weekends that is OK, because the work is done. Buying the stuff for the cooks should not be done in the evening, for then the dinner should be ready, but it could be done in the early morning and after delivery of the material, you might have breakfast with the family. It is good when there are at least two cooks in your Team, for it would be hard to work 7 days a week.

Support for the Teams

Each business working with Sound Prosperity can profit from the “I offer a Job” program. This means that you can “hire” a person, working at least 3 hours a week in your business. That person will be paid in SPURT, which causes that you do not have expenses for the worker. This means that you could give rebates, in SPURT, on the product you deliver. A person like that, or a few, could wash the dishes, if that is what they want to do to support your Team. They are not PART of your Team, but they are sure supporting your Team.
Anyone can work three hours a week for the community. This does not always mean work in care or something. The community is ALSO a shop, business, any person or business that can use helping hands. If you can work in such a business, you will be paid and the business will profit too, for they do not need to pay in your currency.
This makes the products cheaper and therefore better prices can be offered.
The people working with you could also profit from what you make, like such a person could have free bread, if you are a baker.
In the website SoundProsperity.org, under Local Business, is a video showing the advantages of this system.

Back to your Team

Your Team is using the “I offer a Job” program to attract people wanting to work for you. There might be people who cannot set up a Team for themselves. They might be disabled, or not educated enough. But they can for sure support your Team and make it more profitable.
What can you earn in that Team?
You can decide that yourself. It is YOUR Team. Think about what you need and what you want to invest in your business. How much would you need to invest in the beginning? Make a GAME Plan!
In soundprosperity-education.blogspot.com are several links to a Business Plan, and on what you need to know to set up a Team. Read that information, so you are aware what you are facing.

How to get permission for the Team you want to start?

There will be a Team looking into your plans and see if it would work. They might support you in making good plans. That Team will approve your Game Plan and support you in your efforts to set up a Team. They might advise you to sell your future production to MySPURT, so that you have SPURT to start doing business with. There will be a separate Lesson on how you can do that. After approval you can start your Team. (As long as there is not such a Team, Sound Prosperity will have that task.)
After half a year all Teams can vote anonymously for one Team to be the best Team, but also for a Team that is not functioning. Remember, you can as Team work with each other. Use each other’s talents or expertise. So it is important to know if your Team has good results and a good work attitude.

There are more checks if all is working well.

You as a Team have to vote, anonymously, each half year a SPEAKER. That is the person who will report to the Counselor of the country or the city, depending on how many Teams there are in a certain area. Why anonymously? Because we do not want any of you to be a Leader! Leaders make followers. All of you are as important at the other in a Team.


All Team members of a city or country are allowed to vote for a Counselor. This Counselor is your biggest FAN. She/he will be your connection between the Teams in your country of city, and Sound Prosperity. He will report the results of the Teams to Sound Prosperity.


Each Team member can provide points between 1-100 to a Counselor, Speaker or Team. When the results are less than 60 points for any of them, they have to leave. Only the TEAM gets another chance for the next half year, if they still want to go on.
If you want to know more about voting, please read more.

Rules and Regulations

If you want to start a Team you have to sign the Rules and Regulations for Sound Prosperity Teams.
You might feel that this is a lot of information and you cannot understand it all. That is no problem. Don’t feel stressed. You will be supported with anything you want to do. You can go to supporting Teams and pay them in SPURT for their advice.

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