Our Vision:
Our Prosperity Centers are places where you go to find a solution for your problems.
Professionals will help you to solve your financial problems, change your minds to a healthy abundant life.
There is a feeling of coming home.

Under Sound Prosperity, an organisation working with Business people through which SPURT is offered to the world (New Chances), SPURT will work with Prosperity Centers worldwide.

Sound Prosperity is working with Exchange houses and private people to make conversion of SPURT possible, but a SPURT client can only work via a Prosperity Center or by the Prosperity Center appointed businesses. A SPURT client cannot have any access directly to any of the Exchange houses without permission of the Prosperity Center. At this moment SPURT is not yet exchangeable, although there are high values behind it.

The reason for working this way is that we have a legal responsibility and an obligation to our Terms and Conditions.

If you are a person willing to offer assistance for the conversion of SPURT or want to do business with Sound Prosperity or any of their businesses, you will be able to contact Sound Prosperity directly.

Do you want to see our plans?

More information on Prosperity Centers
The yearly Abundance Fest

The Sound Prosperity Social Organisation [SPSO] is a member directed organisation, where members can decide on how SPURT can be used to make the world a better place.
SPSO brings Programs for Housing, Health, Jobs and Education, SPURT Local.

See the Terms & Conditions for the USE of SPURT.

A Prosperity Center will:

  1. Complete the required Know your Customer (KYC). You will have to send your passport and show your credentials.
  2. Check on Money Laundering.
  3. Provide a Debit Card which can be used for daily expenses.
  4. Assist SPURT clients with all financial or social problems.
  5. They will engage PAM and BAM's. KAM's can be recruited out of them or appointed by Sound Prosperity.

Key Account Managers Board

  1. The KAM board is sitting in Switzerland and can meet online.
  2. They assist KAM's.
  3. The KAM board is in fact ruling SPURT.
  4. They decide on the Terms and Conditions.
  5. They have the final say so.

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