Under the umbrella of Sound Prosperity MySPURT clients will be invited to become part of the in Switzerland situated "Sound Prosperity Social Organization" [SPSO].

We are looking for people who agree with our WHY!
Sound Prosperity wants to make your life better. Sound Prosperity wants to make your business better.
What is YOUR WHY to work with us?

How great leaders inspire action | Simon Sinek

Any member interested in working with SPSO can only become an ACTIVE member,
 if you applied through the Basic Membership first.
You also should have a MySPURT account otherwise we cannot pay you.

SPSO will allow members of type 1 and 2 (see below) to discuss and agree on the social aspect of the use of SPURT.
They will be able to assist in the setting up and structure of the:

  1. "Sound Prosperity Social Organization"
  2. Prosperity Centers.
  3. SPURT Abundance Fest, where also the annual general meeting will take place and in separate groups the vision will be discussed and prepared for exportability.
  4. Your Home Your Happiness.
  5. Your Health Your Happiness.
  6. Your Job Your Happiness.
  7. Your Education Your Happiness.
  8. SPURT Local.
  9. Set up a system to assist people to never have debts again.
  10. Set up a system on how best to be able to exchange SPURT into SPURT in Ethereum.
  11. Commission deciding over Projects and Business Plans
  12. And other programs to follow. 

For all these parts, there will be separate Circles, which will announce a Representative Link (Rep Link), who is in contact with Sound Prosperity and is reporting on a regular basis.
As we all know, it is not possible to organize such a meeting right now, but we can do a LOT online.
MySPURT clients who are interested in being active in decisions to be made for the use of SPURT can register now and will be able to exchange their SPURT into SPURT in Ethereum. 

All members will have access to the plans and visions of Sound Prosperity for SPURT, but not all members are permitted to actively participate in decision makings. Please see our Structure_Governing.
We are not looking for people who are INTERESTED to be active. We are interested in members COMMITTED to BE active

For that reason, there will be three types of members:

  1. Clients actively interested in becoming a Personal Account Manager [PAM], a Business Account Manager [BAM], or a Key Account Manager [KAM], each with different responsibilities and working through the Prosperity Centers.
  2. They do not need to be in the Prosperity Center during each day of the week, but they are connected to certain Prosperity Centers. They might even choose to live there. These clients should be COMMITTED to support clients and will be paid in SPURT Digital.
  3. Clients interested in creating and structuring one of the Programs Sound Prosperity is offering. Such as starting a Prosperity Center, "Your Home Your Happiness", "Your Health Your Happiness", "Your Job Your Happiness", "Your Education your Happiness" or SPURT Local. Clients interested in setting up a good program for clients to get their lives back after critical situations. Clients interested in checking Business Plans for Projects (in coordination with BAM's). COMMITTED clients can sign up below.
  4. Clients who are interested in the development of our organization, but do not want to be actively involved in the organization. They ONLY have the right to get concentrated information on where the other leaders are.

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