These lessons show what can be done with SPURT and how to teach it to groups.

Basic: Lesson 1:

Get to know how we work, Get to know SPURT. Get to know what you can DO with SPURT.

I thank you all for coming to listen to what we have to say. We are really excited, for it may change the life of all of you.
Do you want to be able to say: My name is xxxx and I live in xxxx. I am representing Sound Prosperity Social Organization, a SWISS organization and the Sound Prosperity Zimbabwe Foundation with the purpose to give everyone willing to WORK WITH Sound Prosperity a better life. A Prospering life.

What does Sound Prosperity mean?

Sound’ means: showing good judgment, able to be trusted, healthy. This counts for all we do. Providing food for example should be sound too, meaning healthy and valuable.
Prosperity’ means: a state of being successful with money, benevolence. A state where you are no longer worrying if you can pay the bills or buy food. A state in which you can flourish.

This also means that we want all people working with us to be trusted and doing things that are bringing benevolence to all people. Making life better for all of you, not only for themselves.
Sound Prosperity understands that living a life in prosperity means first and for all having a strong character. Most people think that it has to do with having a lot of money in your pocket.
That is not true. 

Sound Prosperity states:
My OWN each day Choices and Actions, will determine how my life will be tomorrow.
I will decide MYSELF wisely what I want for my life, for I realize that MY LIFE is MY responsibility.

We will go deeper into this subject at a later time.
Sound Prosperity is working with TEAMS. Each of you can start a Team of itself or you can join a Team. You do not NEED to join a Team but it is for sure helpful if you can. There will also be a Team supporting you to take responsibility for your own life. We will have a special lesson for Teams.


Sound Prosperity is working with digital money called SPURT. Digital money means money on an account on the internet. It is complementary money, which means that it is used in addition to the money you know. You could say it is EXTRA money. It is money you can buy with from other people in your community offering services or products. You can buy the things you normally could not afford yourself to buy, due to the lack of Dollars. At the same time the seller of the products could not sell the products, for there was nobody who could pay for the products in Dollars.

Let’s take an example:

In your garden you are growing tomatoes. You use them for yourself, but you have tomatoes in excess. You could sell them if you would find buyers. If you cannot find buyers, part of your land would be empty, for you would no longer produce tomatoes.
Now that you can accept SPURT, you CAN sell your excess tomatoes or might even start planting beans too. That is increasing the productivity of your land and is increasing your income.

What can you DO with the SPURT you received?

You can go to the cobbler who can repair your shoes. He has time in excess, for there are not many people who can pay for shoe repair.
The cobbler now has SPURT and he can buy eggs from the chicken holder.
Until the chicken holder accepted SPURT, he could not sell his excess eggs, because nobody had money to pay him for the eggs. Now he sees that he can even buy more chickens with the money he did not spend for buying food, for he could buy the food with SPURT from you, the vegetable producer.

SPURT is offering a way to barter the stuff you produce, or could produce, and sell it. Before SPURT you could not sell it, because there was no money available.

What can YOU produce yourself?

Are you NOW producing something? Could you increase your production if you knew that you could sell it? And if you can, do you see that selling more will bring you extra money in the form of SPURT?

SPURT is now available on your mobile phone, but we plan to also print them, so that if you do not have a mobile phone, or no internet access, you can still use it. Until that time, there can be a registration of the traded SPURT.

How do you GET SPURT?

If you can SELL your future production to the people behind SPURT, you can get two times the value of the production. Part of it will be used to support the community and the country.
Let’s have a look how this is working.

Suppose you produce tomatoes and vegetables. You could sell, over one year, 500 USD value to the people. Here we are not looking on what you earn NOW, but what you COULD produce if you would optimize the land you own.
You could sell this future production. You would receive 1000 SPURT, which you can use to buy stuff from other people for your daily life with the SPURT you received upfront.
Please understand that there will ALWAYS be Teams willing to support you with this and any other administrative thing. You do not need to understand this fully!

What is future production?

Production you plan to have in the future, starting tomorrow, is always what is growing tomorrow. This means that you can sell the products you have NOW, to the people. You sell the future production so it can be put on the internet for others to buy.
This could mean that people in other parts of the city of country might be interested in what you are producing and can buy it.

What services can YOU offer to the people?

Perhaps you do not produce something, but you provide a service. A cobbler can sell his future production also, although he is not producing anything. He can sell his service and get SPURT for that.

Another can sell the service of Teaching. Perhaps you would really like to learn to read and write. Perhaps you want to learn how to make calculations for your business. Perhaps you are young and you missed out of school. There WILL be Teams offering these kind of education.

But that is not the only way to get SPURT

Suppose your service is that you work for the community or Sound Prosperity. Sound Prosperity offers to pay you for that kind of work.
Suppose your son, or any other person, has a hairdresser shop. You know you can support him by working at least three hours a week in his shop. Perhaps you can do his administration or you can clean up, wash the towels etc. Your son does not need to pay you, but you get paid through Sound Prosperity.

Your son is saving money now, for he does not need to pay you and you do not need to work for free, what you perhaps normally would do to help him.

Working in existing business and earn SPURT can be done in ANY business

Suppose you have your vegetable garden. You are expanding for you KNOW you can sell the excess of your production now for SPURT. But how do you cope with the extra work? You will need someone to help you. You do not need to PAY the other person in USD, for you can request payment through the system in SPURT.
This causes that you have less costs, although you produce more, and the person helping you get paid so he can pay the cobbler. You might even give a rebate to the person working for you.

The cobbler has now a lot to do so he might need a helping hand too. You tell your daughter to go and assist him so she can earn SPURT too. Now she is earning SPURT and can buy your vegetables. You do not need to give them for free, for she can pay easily.
The cobbler is happy, for he has more profit and does not need to pay extra wages! He might allow a rebate for his service now.

Any business can be supported by accepting people to work for them at least three hours a week. All these businesses can flourish and have no extra costs. This way the whole community is supported and will start flourishing.

Elder people

You might be too old to work on the land and perhaps you are not healthy enough to do that. If that is the case you will receive a monthly amount in SPURT to pay for the care and food you need. Perhaps your daughter is taking care of you, but now she does not need to do it for free anymore. She gets paid in SPURT, which we now know can be used to buy nutrition. This way she can safe the USD she would normally need to pay with. She can use it to pay for the school of her children, pay taxes or whatever, but she also can save it to invest in a business of her own.

Let’s resume

Probably all of you are doing something to get money to live. Most of you are more or less unsuccessful for there are no jobs available.
If you do not yet have a business, you might want to start a SOUND business, a business good for you, your health and your environment. People need to trust that what you are delivering has value. Your business is radiating care and interest in the clients. You start this business, because you LOVE the product you are selling or the service you are offering.
If you already have a small business, you can think about how you can extend it. Do something that you really LIKE to do, so that your heart is in the business.

You can earn SPURT on different manners:

1. Sell your products or services.
2. Work for any business in the community for SPURT, at least three hours a week. In doing so make it easier for your boss to provide rebates.
3. Work for Sound Prosperity as administrator, registering accounts, supporting the people to understand what Sound Prosperity is offering. You might be an educator on the field of Mindset, which Sound Prosperity finds very important.
4. Work as a teacher, teaching reading and writing.
5. A mother with small children can be paid to take care of her children.
6. Elderly people and people who are not able to work will be provided SPURT to pay for the care and food they need.

Do you need to sell all your production and get paid in SPURT?

At this moment that is not a good idea, for you need to have USD still for buying the material or internet etc. So you can now sell the products for 10-20% in SPURT. The day SPURT will be exchangeable, you might use part of your SPURT to exchange in USD and then you will be able to even provide the goods and services you produce for 100% SPURT.

Open a MySPURT account

You cannot just open a MySPURT account. You need to have a reason, like you know that income will be received through any of the aforementioned manners. There is a small fee for opening an account to pay for the Wifi, Electricity, travel costs, all costs that are not yet payable with SPURT.
You will receive a MySPURT Pass. In this pass will be registered:

1. Your account number.
2. Your email address.
3. NOT your password but you could add a word that remembers you of the password, for in SPURT you can only get a new password if you pay for it.
4. Your Sound Prosperity membership sign up.
5. If you are part of “SPURT Jobs”.
6. Confirmation of signing Rules and Regulations for a Sound Prosperity Team.

You will be informed about these steps when time is there. Keep this pass with you at all times, to avoid double sign ups.

The more people join the system, the more people can use SPURT.

There are now 600 people with a MySPURT account.
This in itself could be more than enough to get the system started. The education on how SPURT can work was poor and that is why we explain you now how you can start and be the shining example of what we can do for all of us.

Are you a tailor? Can you write letters to the government and fill in forms for others who are not able to do that? Can you bring packages? Can you do shopping’s for people who cannot do that anymore? Can you sell WIFI time? Can you take care of the children of others? There are uncountable ways you can be part of the Sound Prosperity-SPURT community. There is an example-list in the Education Blog of Sound Prosperity.

Will you be able to exchange SPURT for USD?

There will be a time that this is possible, but it is not our main focus in Zimbabwe. The reason is that SPURT is much more valuable in your daily life. But yes, if you only could SAFE SPURT now, it would be helpful, for when you one day need to buy a bigger thing, perhaps even a house, you will need more SPURT than you can earn in small business.

Are there any questions?

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