We plan yearly one week SPURT ABUNDANCE Fests on super locations for SPURT-Clients from all over the world to meet, enjoy, relax, recover and connect.

There will be a lot of fun, dancing and good healthy food, but also good speakers will wake us up to start a better life.
Location might be resorts on beautiful places or islands, cruise-ships.

People have the possibility to present their projects so other might copy it and start a same kind of project in their own country.

Annual SPSO meeting.

On this Fest, under the leadership of the Sound Prosperity Social Organization" [SPSO] SPSO members will be invited to visit the annual general meeting of the "Sound Prosperity Social Organization" [SPSO], a member oriented organization situated in Switzerland. Selected members will discuss, at first in small groups with each an own goal, how the Prosperity Centres will work, how to help people in debt, how the Your Job Your Happiness will handle things in the next year. Do there need to be changes? What can we do BETTER? What can we do MORE? As soon as we have interested members, we will start setting up the connection between them through the Internet first.

These SPURT ABUNDANCE Fest will provide energy, inspiration and connection.

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