PAM: The Personal Account Managers

PAM's are close to the MySPURT clients, when it comes to use their SPURT+ for buying goods and services from other clients, but also for using SPURT+ to exchange in other currencies to pay for debts, mortgage or for daily living.
The PAM knows how to use SPURT and / or how to be able to convert them into SPURT+.

Especially in the part of debts the support of a PAM might be needed.
The PAM will discuss the situation with the client. How were the debts created? What is the situation behind those debts? Why was paying for the mortgage or rent no longer possible? This is asking for special social talents.
As SPCO is offering assistance to get out of the debt traps, those PAM will support clients to use this support part of SPCO for debts will only be paid ONCE.

Having debts is not only a financial problem. Your health is in danger, you lose your friends and family and in some cases even your house. You lose your dignity. We want to give you your life back! Not only by paying your debts, but by giving you your dignity back.

Clients might think that they will never have debt again, but if the HABIT of making debts, which is the situation for some clients, is not changed even a lot of SPURT on their account will not help them. They need to learn to have control over their habits.
A PAM will point them to this opportunity.

The PAM will arrange, with his staff, that your debts will be paid.
For that purpose you will need to provide all papers concerning your debts that are on YOUR name.
You will not be able to provide papers from any other person. Those persons should open an account for themselves and you might want to transfer funds to that account to compensate for the exchange of the debt.
PAM's will contact the Debtor, the Bank, the Enforcement Offices and arrange payments.
PAM's handle amounts up to 1 Million SPURT (USD, CAD, AUD, EURO.)

BAM: Business Account Manager

As you can see in the Terms and Conditions for Exchange, the balance of maximal 1 Million SPURT (USD,CAD, AUD and EURO) is seen as private capital, free to use, but bound to the Terms and Conditions of MySPURT. Balances above one Million are seen as business. This means that you will have to work with the Business Account Manager [BAM].

  1. A BAM might be in your state or in your country, but might not be as close to you as a PAM.
  2. The more they come near the personal problems of clients, they will work with the PAM's.
  3. The higher the amount they work with, the more questions arise, they might work with the KAM.
  4. A BAM is there to help you if you would want to buy a house.
  5. A BAM has knowledge from local rules and regulations and will speak, if necessary, to the Real Estate Company.
  6. In case you would want to have bigger projects (more than 1 M), the BAM will work with your Business Plan and teach you how to get the suppliers you will need for the Business Plan to accept and work with SPURT.
  7. The Business Plans will be checked and the BAM might speak with suppliers and get them understand that when they accept SPURT and WORK with them, they will be 100% compensated and when they want to convert their SPURT, they have SPEND them.
  8. You are free to choose to work with another BAM if you want to.
  9. BAM's handle amounts from 1 M SPURT (USD, CAD, AUD, EURO) till 100 M.

If you are interested in becoming a PAM, BAM or KAM, please fill in the form below

KAM: Key Account Manager

What is the position of a Key Account Manager [KAM]

  1. A Key Account Manager might not be in your Country or at the desk of the Prosperity Center. 
  2. KAM's qualities and locations will be publicly shown in SPURT and clients can chose the KAM they want to work with.
  3. One can chose to work with a certain KAM because they are in your Country/State but also because they have certain specialized knowledge like: Mining, Healthcare, Hotels.
  4. KAM's are responsible for building the team with PAM and BAM.
  5. A KAM is assisting the PAM and BAM.
  6. All questions to PAM or BAM that did not lead to satisfied answers, has to be brought to a KAM.
  7. They are in contact with the other KAM's for questions they are not specialized in.
  8. A KAM oversees bigger projects, Humanitarian as well as Charitable Projects.
  9. They will take care that every bigger project, will have a Charitable Project added or included.
  10. They have knowledge of all SPURT is offering
  11. They are in contact with the Exchange Houses and persons exchanging SPURT for other currencies.
  12. KAM's handle amounts above 100 Million SPURT (USD, CAD, AUD, EURO.)


There will be an election out of the KAM's to form a board of 7 KAM's. Each three years they can be re-elected.

  1. The KAM board is sitting in Switzerland and can meet online.
  2. They assist KAM's.
  3. The KAM board is in fact ruling the use of SPURT.
  4. They decide on the Terms and Conditions.
  5. They make the final decisions.

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