Sound Prosperity offers the opportunity to make your dreams come true.

You tell us what your biggest dream is and we will look together to see what we can do to make it happen.
Are we going to take care of the money for your project?
No! But we are going to help you learn how you can do this YOURSELF, with our help.
Look at it like this: You want to learn how to be a carpenter? We discuss with you how you can get the wood, the hammer.
You are going to get them. Difficult?
Perhaps it is different from what you thought! But once you start understanding this, really all is possible.
Are you willing to learn thinking and working in new ways? Then we want to reach out to you so you can experience Prosperity in a Sound way.


Sound Prosperity logo: 
The source from which everything flows, with a never-ending, and extending wave.
Sound’ means: showing good judgment, able to be trusted, healthy, solid, wholesome, strong.
Prosperity’: a state of being successful with money, benevolence, the condition of prospering; the quality of being warmhearted, considerate, humane and sympathetic.

More About Sound Prosperity

We are combining people who want to do business through ‘commerce’, to create opportunities. Commerce is carried out with asset based capital, not with capital based on debts. The members all work with SPURT offering a guarantee for their projects.

‘The borrower is slave to the lender’

Engaging in ‘commerce’ (the activity of buying and selling, especially on a large scale) is the ONLY way to make this world financially healthy again. Sound Prosperity wants to teach you how to engage in commerce on a small and larger scale. Each project, each dream can become true through commerce. You will learn to move in a new direction, learning things you did not know before. You will start to understand our slogan:

“We will go where no one else thought to go,
to do what no one else thought to do.“

Through the combination of Business Partners and the account in SPURTmoney is not our problem.

Sound Prosperity

Sound Prosperity is using SPURT a new digital currency to do business. SPURT is now Crypto currency.


One SPURT has a value of  ONE EURO and SPURTCrypto's value is what the market offers.


Many Sound Prosperity members have accounts in MySPURT and can pay each other for goods and services with SPURT.


People who want to take their SPURT and transfer it to the currency of choice have to do business with their SPURT.

Now we can see that it is not money that is the problem, but how we think about our money. Knowing this, we can look at the project we want to start with ‘new eyes’ and Sound Prosperity will probably be able to assist. Guarantees are not cash money. YOU will have to learn how to realize these into cash money. This requires courage, knowledge and the willingness to learn a lot.
Think about it this way:

“Your mind is like a parachute.
It can only work when it is open."

Why not look at what Sound Prosperity has to offer us all, with an open mind?

We invite you to click on all links to get a really good understanding of what can be achieved. We challenge you to start working with us. We challenge you to learn how to make your own money. You will notice that this is a challenge indeed.

See the programs we are working with, based on the opportunities through SPURT. We can find a suitable solution for you.

To become a member of Sound Prosperity and work with us, please complete this form.

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