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About Sound Prosperity and administrative rules and regulations.


Here you find the opportunity to pay offer yourself to a business for which you want to work. You will get paid in SPURT and your employer can ALSO earn SPURT for the same amount. You can also earn SPURT as Volunteer of by taking care of someone or your kids.


We also work with SPURT.
SPURT is compensating for unfulfilled expectations in doing business with other clients. You can earn SPURT by working with Sound Prosperity and by doing business or referiing other members to Sound Prosperity. Here you can find Information on SPURT. Link to the SPURT banking System.
You can also see a link on the Terms & Conditions for the use of SPURT.

Prosperity Centers

Prosperity Centers will be THE place where you can connect to other MySPURT clients and also with your Personal Account Manager, Business Account Manager and Key Account Manager (PAM, BAM, KAM).

These Prosperity Centers will present a peaceful, relaxing environment.

Sound Prosperity Social Organisation 

This is a member oriented Organisation, where members can participate in how SPURT can be used to make the world a better place.
We already set up several programs, but we need the members to refine the plans and extend them.

Members will also have their part in the organisation and expression of the yearly ABUNDANCE FEST.

These programs are: Your Home Your Happiness, Your Health Your Happiness, Your Job Your Happiness, Your Education Your Happiness.
SPURT Local will help your city to flourish.
SPSO Membership.
Community, City, Country Support Fund.


We represent the projects already delivered to us.

Sound Prosperity Teams

Teams are the way to work together to do business and support your city and country.


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