Sound Prosperity is an organisation where business people are brought together to do commerce.

For this purpose you might be able to receive a loan in SPURT to start your business. You can pay back the loan by selling your products to the provider of the loan, or you can certifiably work for your community to grow your community.

Where services offered by Sound Prosperity involve SPURT, the Terms and Conditions of MySPURT apply.

All services offered by Sound Prosperity acting as surrogate fall within the guidelines mentioned above. In using Sound Prosperity services, a member must agree to the Sound Prosperity rules and SPURT Terms and Conditions.

If at any point Sound Prosperity Members would have Unfulfilled Expectations in doing business with other Sound Prosperity Members and committed to their own obligations, Members can use the protocol UNFULFILLED EXPECTATIONS.

Rev: 2020-12-27

Rules and Regulations for Sound Prosperity Teams in Zimbabwe

Sound Prosperity is all about showing people that they have their lives in their own hands.

This means that you accept responsibility for your life. Your Community has to have its own responsibility, in which you can be a part. You can be a part in Sound Prosperity Zimbabwe too.

Sound Prosperity does not have a structure for Zimbabwe and nobody can set up a structure other than provided here below. There are a few restrictions for working with and for Sound Prosperity. Sound Prosperity is totally independent of politics and religion. We will not allow any connection to political people or any discrimination by religion or tribe. Nepotism is prohibited.

Anyone working for Sound Prosperity signs, by starting their work, that they agree with the Sound Prosperity Rules, including the rules. 


Sound Prosperity wants you to learn how you can work as a TEAM in groups of maximal 5-10 people with own responsibility in doing business within your community and/or in leading your community.

We want all teams to be unshakable. No matter what happens, you are on each other’s side. You are aligned and heading in the same direction. You will choose people to work with, who are without a single doubt there for each other.

What is the most important thing that a team has to know? They have to have a GAME PLAN: A team that goes out on the field without a game plan is going to lose the game. Period!

To be able to make a winning game plan, you have to be able to communicate with each other. You have to be clear on what you want to DO.

What kind of teams do you want to set up?

You, as the community, will have to share your responsibility by choosing people to work as a team in any of the places where Sound Prosperity is presented. 

It is NOT recommended to work with direct family members. Nepotism is prohibited. 

You might first define what kind of teams you would need for your community. What kind of people do you want to have on your team? PRODUCTIVITY is the only indicator to choosing to work with. So choose your team members wisely. They need to be as inspired by the task of the team as you are.

Do you know that you BECOME like the five persons closest to you?

Think of a team for SPURT Admin, also setting up accounts.

A team to check the PLAN’s presented by people who want to DO something in your community and follow up on their financial situation. 

Others might form a team for mentoring local business. 

Education is for sure a team you want to build.

There might be a team for NEW ideas from the community, but also people who want to start buying and selling or presenting services can form a team. They go out in the community and present their services. 

There might be a team responsible for cleaning or gardening. Such a team might spread out through the whole community and offer their services. 

Another team might be doing secretary work. 

You will have a team with people who are supported by Sound Prosperity to start a business. They might want to find out how they can make MORE of their business by working together.

There might be a team finding businesses where the people in your community can work their 3 hours a week so that they can earn SPURT to support their life. The businesses have cheaper workers and can offer products in SPURT.

A team might actively find businesses willing to accept SPURT for their products. They teach them that when they accept SPURT, they can use those SPURT to buy material themselves and get 100% compensated. This way they are buying at zero costs.

There might be a Team to support the LifeQuest and responsible for payments due to completion of the Program. (See later more.) Etc.etc.

No one is more important than another, not even the leader!

None of your groups is more important than the other, for only together you can accomplish what you want to do. This way each group of 5-10 people can have its own responsibility. 

The work is done by the whole group and is finished by a certain time, set by the group. For example: If your group is planning to clean up the surrounding, and they plan they can do it in 10 hours and you get it done in 8 hours, you will have 2 hours more free time and earn for the 10 hours. But if it takes 12 hours, you will have to work another two hours. 

If you plan to sell 100 T-Shirts in one week, you might be ready within 3 days and you have time left for other things you might want to do. If you, on the other hand, need two weeks, you get the same time (one week) paid.

It is important to work together to get things done quicker and more efficient. It might be that one is ill and that others take his task for those days, where the other is supporting the others when they have something they have to take care for. It is a TEAM and the responsibility for getting the work done is by ALL.

There will be no one not knowing what to DO, for you have your plan for your group! You are NOT dependent on a “leader” who has to tell you what you have to do at a certain time.

You can start earning SPURT as soon as you have a PLAN and a TEAM ready. The plan needs approval from another Team, appointed by you all for that purpose.

Sound Prosperity Team Leader.

A Sound Prosperity Team Leader is working daily on the ground with the people of the community to make life better. He is the leader of the teams. He is their Support at all times. He is in contact with one of the Board Members of the Foundation chosen for this function.

If you are willing to take the responsibility to be a leader, you can present yourself as such. The teams can ask for a meeting to get to know you better and understand what you stand for and decide if you would be the leader they want to have. They vote, anonymously, the person who is, in their eyes, the best to work with. There might be one or more Sound Prosperity Leader in a township, depending on how big the township is. But you need to make sure that the possibility to build enough teams around you is sure. If the choice is not for you, it does not mean that you cannot work in any of the teams and support the cause that way. Perhaps people can get to know you better this way. The leader is not MORE appreciated than any of the team members.

Each six months the leader is anonymously evaluated by the team members, by appointing 1-100 points. The Sound Prosperity Zimbabwe Foundation can have a veto, but will only use that right, if the Sound Prosperity Rules are violated, if the leader is found to have connections to political parties or persons, or is discriminating. Another reason to use the veto right is when a family is setting up teams and choose a leader out of themselves. 

If the leader gets not more than 60 points, he/she has to go and a new one is chosen. It might be so that all people are that satisfied with the cooperation, that he/she might be there for the next 20 years! See this interview to understand what we mean Rico Semler is speaking: (and others on You Tube.)

The Sound Prosperity Team leader is there for the teams. He might hear their problems or ideas. He is a constant supporter. He can not have another function next to this work for it will take all his time. The Sound Prosperity Team Leader is NOT the leader of a Prosperity Center. Those persons could be chosen out of the Sound Prosperity Team Leaders, but are appointed by the Foundation. If the Foundation is seeing that taking responsibilities and this voting system is working well, they might decide to allow the teams to also vote for a Prosperity Center Leaders. 

A Sound Prosperity Team Leader has the right to resign, after six months.

Prosperity Centers 

Prosperity Centers are lead by Prosperity Center leaders. Their function differs from the Sound Prosperity Team Leaders, because they are concentrating their work to the building Prosperity Center, and care for all that is happening there.

He is working with PAM, BAM and KAM’s (appointed by the Foundation) to get payment for debts and projects.,-bam,-kam

What do you need to live a good life? What can we afford? What would a person with the same job earn outside our Prosperity Center? We can show the people all this information. They can decide how much they want to earn. The rest of the team might say that what he is asking is too much for what he can deliver, or they might say he can ask more because he is working really well.

What to do next?

Sit together with all people thinking they can contribute to their community. Discuss the teams you would want to form and find the people you would like to have in your team. When the teams are set up, or if you have any question, contact the Counseling Teams or the responsible Board Member for support from the Sound Prosperity Zimbabwe Foundation. They will check, in this phase, if all understood well what is the meaning of this totally new approach for working with teams. You will learn to work with this model and do not need his support anymore. You will provide overviews, results of what was accomplished by the teams. If you set your goal for 14 days, show that it is done. You might have goals that take longer, and that is also communicated to the Board. But you are responsible yourself, as a team!

You will provide all names from all teams, also when new teams are set up later, to this Board Member.

What do you think? Can you DO it, or do you feel better with a military structure? 

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